Strike Up a Conversation (The Most Enjoyable Kind of Professional Development)

WRX piloters are a great resource for our program. This year’s WRXers–Anna, Jason, Seth, Holly, Maria, and Kim–tried new things in their classes and are ready not only to share their successes but also to help colleagues avoid obvious-in-retrospect mistakes.

Talk to Anna Panszczyk about . . .

  • contract grading (and other alternatives to conventional grading)
  • new ways to work with a research librarian
  • how to turn your current WR 150 topic into a “Diverse Disciplines” course

Talk to Jason Prentice about . . .

  • your doubts about multimodality
  • dealing with technical difficulties
  • digital tools that could be incorporated into any class

Talk to Seth Blumenthal about . . .

  • using interviews as sources in WR 150
  • assigning professional and public genres as well as academic ones
  • ideas for courses that turn on civic engagement or service learning

Talk to Holly Schaaf about . . .

  • assigning short papers to teach concision and control of scope
  • exercises that support planning and lead to substantive revisions
  • trying an alternative to the standard WR 100 assignment sequence

Talk to Maria Zlateva and Kim Shuckra Gomez about . . .

  • working with ESL students in mixed classes (but you already knew that!)
  • scaffolding with low-stakes assignments in WR 150
  • fostering grammatical awareness in the WR 150 context

For more information about this year’s WRX courses, login to Digication and go to the WRX Initiative page.


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