Faculty Reading: A Tradition is Born

The first WP faculty reading kicked off on February 4th with our very talented faculty, Elizabeth Stevens, Brandy Barents, and George Vahamikos as readers, and a full house of WP faculty in attendance. Note the ensuing response from some attendees:

What could be better at the end of a work day than some home-grown literature and a glass of wine? What a gift. I hope it becomes a WP tradition.” –Sarah M-H

Yes, home-grown and good stuff, and such a range! Ask Brandy B about her grandmother and the hambone, George V about the figure of the Hershey’s Kiss in Golden Age Spanish literature, or Liz Stevens anything, anything, about wolves.  Thanks to these authors for sharing their work, to Dan and Adam for organizing the refreshments, and to Carrie, Kim, and Tom for putting it all together. A new tradition is born!” –Chris W

I am delighted that everyone agrees that the Faculty Reading Series is off to a fantastic start!  Kim, Carrie, and I would like to encourage ALL interested parties to stop us in the office and let us know if you are interested in reading! Thanks to Adam and Dan for the libations and excellent food. And, as for Liz, George, and Brandy — thank you so much for sharing your gifts!” -Tom U.



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