New Faculty 2015-16: Tridha Chatterjee


We’re happy to have you in the WP, Tridha! How are you finding your move from Michigan?

I moved to Boston from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor is a relatively small college town so I’m still getting adjusted to different aspects of living in a big city. But I’m gradually finding myself falling in love with the conveniences this city has to offer: great public transport and living a stone’s throw away from some of Boston’s best eateries.

 What courses are you teaching this semester?

I’m teaching two sections of WR 98 and a WR 100 ESL course on language, identity, and culture. I’m really excited about the WR 100 course because it connects very closely with my research interests in language and society and I hope to discuss linguistic issues that are salient for the students as well.

Could you tell us a bit about your research?

My research examines language change in the context of bilingualism: that is, how two languages in a bilingual setting influence and lead to changes in each other. In conjunction, I also examine the social aspects of language use, which includes issues such as bilingual speakers’ use of their languages in different settings to index different aspects of their identity, motivations for code-switching between languages, and changes and development in language proficiency. My specific area of interest is the complex multilingual situation in India. I’m very glad that my research has meaningful connections to the linguistic backgrounds of the students I teach, and this helps me in being a more sensitive teacher. 


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