New Faculty 2015-16: Pary Fassihi


Pary Fassihi

Welcome, Pary! How are you finding your move to the BU WP?

My move to the BU WP couldn’t have been smoother! Being born in Boston and living in Massachusetts for most of my life, I didn’t need to get accustomed to the environment. Being a BU alumnus also helped in making the transition much easier. I’m just really excited to be back in such a familiar environment.

My classes have also been going very well. Having taught ESL for many years, I’ve always focused on teaching a variety of skills. This is the first semester in which I am only teaching writing courses, and I couldn’t be happier, since my passion lies in teaching academic writing.

What courses are you teaching?

I am currently teaching all WR097 courses. I will be teaching all WR098 courses in the Spring semester.

What have you liked the most from this first semester teaching in the WP?

My first semester at the BU WP has so many highlights that I don’t even know where to begin!

First off, I have to say that we have some of the best students compared to many area colleges/universities. Having experience teaching area colleges, I’ve noticed the great motivation our students have here. I go into class everyday, knowing that they are going to keep me on my feet, and I absolutely love it!

I have also found that everyone in the program has been so helpful! The WPNet resources have been so informative and necessary for someone who is just starting in the program and becoming familiar with the curriculum, and I really appreciate all contribution to the WPNet. I’ve also found all the open discussion and emails about classes, methods, etc. very beneficial in helping me understand different instructors’ styles and suggestions.

We also have some of the best technology at BU. Having interest in using technology to facilitate language learning in classes, I am very impressed by the resources accessible to us. I have had the opportunity to test a variety of methods because of this great access to technology.

Once again, there are so many aspects of my semester I’ve enjoyed, that I wouldn’t be able to mention them all here. Thank you all for making this semester such a pleasant one for me!

Prior to coming to BU, Pary was a faculty member at Showa Women’s University. She also has experience teaching at other area colleges, and institutes such as CELOP and Bunker Hill Community College. Pary received her B.A. from Northeastern University as a dual major in English Literature and Linguistics. She then obtained her M.Ed. in TESOL and her Ed.D. in Language Education from Boston University’s School of Education. Pary’s passion in teaching comes from twenty years of teaching experience and interaction with students from all over the world. Her mission in class has been to promote positive learning, spark learner enthusiasm for learning, and to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning.



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