Faculty Publications, Presentations, and Press

Jay Atkinson‘s new book, Massacre on the Merrimack: Hannah Duston’s Captivity and Revenge in Colonial America (October/Globe Pequot) was the subject of recent interviews on WBUR’s Radio Boston, NHPR, and in Boston Magazine, BU Today, and several other media outlets. Atkinson’s adventure travel piece, which ties into the subject of the book, appeared in the Sunday New York Times on November 12th.

AndersonIngrid Anderson was the co-editor of the volume The Value of the Particular: Lessons from Judaism and the Modern Jewish Experience, which included her chapter, “Ethics, Meaning, and the Absurd in Elie Wiesel’s The Trial of God and Albert Camus’s The Plague.”

Kevin Barents is a contributor to DYLAN: Disc by Disc.

Seth Blumenthal‘s WP course, “Marijuana in American History,” was featured on USA Today.

Jessica Bozek‘s review, “Everyone’s Problem,” was published in the Boston Review. In this review Bozek compares two poetry books she taught in her Spring 2015 WRX course, Poetry Now.

Tessa Croker‘s course, “The Wonderful World of Disney” was featured in the “Class by Class, Lecture by Lecture” series in BU Today.

William Giraldi‘s foreword to The Annotated Poe was published by Harvard University Press.

Dora Goss has a short story in the first ever issue of The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy. This book is the newest addition to the “Best American” series. Goss’s Borges-inspired story, “Cimmeria: From the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology,” is also available online at Lightspeed Magazine.

Ted Kehoe is the author of “The Children’s Kingdom,” which Ploughshares has released as the latest in their digital-first series of individual long stories called Ploughshares Solos. Also, Kehoe’s review of Undermajordomo Minor appeared in the Boston Globe.

         Kehoe-LoRes-e1442249676112                minutiaecover_1024x1024

Samantha Myers’s chapbook The Fate of Minutiae was published with Dancing Girl Press and Studio.

Anna Panszczyk and a co-writer, Ashley Hogan, presented a paper titled “The Power of Magical Forests through the Photography of Ellie Davies and into 20th-Century Middle Grade Fiction” at the South Atlantic Modern Languages Association (SAMLA) conference in Raleigh, NC this past November.

Joelle Renstrom was interviewed by CGS about her essay collection, Closing the Book: Travels in Life, Loss, and Literature.

Bill Skocpol has completed a transcription of letters by Dr. Olga Stastny, M.D., his great-grandmother, from her time in France (1919), Czechoslovakia (1919-1922), and Greece (1923). Dr. Olga Stastny, M.D. did award winning relief work in all three countries.

12248138_10103523975451750_5212039925184316003_oLesley Yoder, Sarah Hanselman, and Kim Shuckra-Gomez presented “Student Agency in the ESL Classroom” at the annual conference of the National Association of University Professors in Los Cabos, Mexico (November, 2015).

Matthew Yost presented “When I Was a Boy: The Question of Transgendered Narrative in Isaac de Benserade’s Iphis et Iante,” at the Society of French Studies Annual Colloquium, on June 30, 2015, in Cardiff, Wales.


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