Happy Retirement, Steve Scheuerman!

A note from WP Acting Director, Chris Walsh:

I wanted to send a special good wish and deep thank you to Steve Scheuerman, who’s retiring from Boston University after 27 years. Since 1988, Steve has taught a broad range of writing courses—on physics, the nature of consciousness,  Shakespeare, the limits of science, to name a few. Sometimes he’s taught courses that combined these subjects, and he also team-taught with faculty in physics and biology. Many students say he was  “the best professor … I ever had”; one prescient one even noted that Steve was “probably the best I ever will have.” In all his classes Steve earned the respect and gratitude of his students for his helpfulness, for being so knowledgeable and down to earth, for being so warm and modest—all qualities those of us who knew him as a colleague are grateful for as well. A poet, a  great teacher, and a humble man: Steve probably would rather we didn’t say even this short word about him, but he has served Boston University well and made literally—literally!—thousands of students into better readers and writers. Thank you Steve.


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