What Can Your Terrier Card Do For You?

Do you know your BU ID number?  How often do you pull your ID out of your wallet?  For many faculty the answer is ‘not often.’ Other than collecting T-passes and checking out library books, the BU ID may seem like just another piece of plastic. But I am here to tell you about the hidden power of your BU ID, otherwise known as your Terrier Card.

All full-time employees have the option of activating the Terrier Convenience Plan, which is a super convenient way of paying for purchases on campus with your Terrier Card everywhere from vending machines to the Marciano Commons Dining Hall just downstairs from your own office.  Not only is the Terrier Card convenient, but it can also save you money. For instance, buying lunch at Marciano Commons would cost $11 in cash, but only costs $8.80 in points, and these charges are deducted from your paycheck prior to taxes, making it a greater savings. Faculty are also eligible for a 10% discount at City Convenience stores and, since you have to show your card to get the discount, you might as well pay for your purchase with the card too.


According to the BU Dining services website

The Terrier Convenience Plan is a payroll deduction program for purchases made on campus with your Terrier Card. The Terrier Card is accepted at all on-campus Dining Services locations, City Convenience stores, most vending machines, many retail dining locations (including Starbucks), and Barnes & Noble at Boston University.  You simply use your Terrier Card instead of cash or a credit card for meals, snacks, books, and vending purchases in select machines. These purchases will be deducted from your pay on a monthly or weekly schedule.

Benefits of the Terrier Convenience Plan include the following:  convenience (of course), no need to carry cash or credit cards on campus, no cash up front, no hidden fees, no interest charges, and the ability to keep track of your purchases online via the Employee Link.

You can enroll in the Terrier Convenience Plan through BUWorks Central (go to the Employee Self-Service (ESS) section and select Campus Services) or in person at the Terrier Card Office, George Sherman Union, Lower Level, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The Terrier Convenience Plan is a payroll deduction plan for purchases made on campus with your Terrier Card. It is easy to use and you don’t have to keeping running to the ATM in order to buy a quick cup of coffee, a sandwich, or the latest paperback at the bookstore. 

Charges are reflected as a single line deduction on your paystub. If you sign up for the Terrier Convenience Plan and don’t use your Terrier Card for purchases during a payroll period, there will be no deductions from your paycheck.  When you enroll, you set up a purchase/spending limit. If you are paid once a month, you can purchase up to $400 a month; if you are paid once a week, you can purchase up to $100 a week. You can change your spending limit via BU Works Central.


While I am on the subject, I would like to put in a plug for eating at Marciano Commons. This dining facility is set up as a series of food stations including vegan, gluten free, international, pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches and a salad bar. The food is always good, interesting, and varied. I like being able to ask for small portions of many different types of food – I don’t know when else I would have tried sweet and sour tempeh. The location of the dining hall could not be more convenient, and at $8.80 for all you care to eat of a wide variety of foods, eating lunch on campus has become much tastier and easier. 


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