Tandem Teaching Demo: The Introduction

Tom Underwood
Marisa Milanese

Building upon the peer-to-peer observations that we’ve been doing over the past couple of years, we’re introducing a new opportunity to see teaching in action: tandem teaching demonstrations. In each brief demonstration (around 30 minutes), two instructors will demonstrate how they teach different components of argument in a real classroom setting (but with an interactive audience of colleagues in lieu of students). We are doing this not to compare one instructor to the other—or even to try to model excellent teaching— but to demonstrate different approaches to the same content. As with the peer-to-peer observations, the basic goal is relatively simple: seeing how others teach can inform the choices you make in your classroom. We’ll also be recording some of the demos and posting the videos on WPNet with the corresponding handouts.

On November 19th Marisa Milanese and Tom Underwood kicked off the series with a presention on the introduction. Upcoming demos include: teaching acknowledgment/response; annotating and analyzing text; and research skills. We’re looking for more volunteers, so if you’re interested in doing a teaching demo, please email Marisa (milanese@bu.edu).


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