Faculty Collaborations

Sam Myers and Seth Blumenthal

Faculty coffee hour has been a great opportunity to meet with colleagues, share stories, and break bread with those who know what it’s like to do your work. We are a large program so meeting one another in smaller settings like this one can lead to some fruitful exchanges. We invite you to come and have some coffee with us. So, keep an eye on future dates through the listserv!

Sarah Hanselman, Kim Shukra-Gomez, and Tony Wallace walking on Bay State Rd.
Sarah Hanselman

The Fall 2014 WRX faculty met at the BU Pub this past month to discuss their courses. Along with sharing the latest of their WRX experiences, they ate, drank, and talked about the various stages in their experiments. Tony tells us that Theater Now faculty and students recently attended the project’s 36th live performance, a CFA production of two one-acts staged in the BU Theatre. As the most recent effect of the WRX initiatives, Gwen and Carrie told the group about the new Alternative Genre category in the WR journal. The WR journal will now be including an alternative genre category that will accept forms of writing that do not conform to the conventions of the traditional academic essay. Mostly, however, the faculty connected in an informal way, catching up and sharing their experiences.


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