Welcoming Adam

By Sarah Campbell

Everyone knows Adam. He’s our official greeter, helper, and Senior Staff Assistant at the CAS Writing Program’s headquarters. Adam joined us just three months ago in late January. He already has us figured out (names, dates, classes, and so on), but we may not know all about him. First of all, his whole name is Adam Znideric—Slovenian version of the German Schneider—so the Z is an S is English.

Adam Znideric

The Facebook facts are that Adam is a dog person, especially malamutes or collies, and he likes reading, photography, military history (the War of the Roses, for example), walking (or rambling), and traveling.

Adam, as you can tell from his accent and funny ways of saying things (chalk ‘n cheese or bits and bobs and sweets for candy) that he’s not a native Bostonian; he’s from the UK, more precisely, a small town called Mossley in Lancashire just outside of Manchester.

Adam knows his way around the world of university administration having worked at Manchester Metropolitan University where he dealt with cases of plagiarism among others duties. Now he’s settling into our microcosm of the university administration world here with Dan, Alyssa, and so on.

Mossley, Lancashire

He came to Boston to marry Sharon, his online best friend, and is slowly getting used to our American ways. He likes the fact that both Mossley and Boston have varied architecture,neo classical and modern, “jammed together.” But he does sorely miss aspects of British life: Lancashire cheese, Yorkshire Puddings, the English countryside, free health care, British TV and full English breakfasts.

So welcome Adam! We’re very glad you’re here.


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